Saturday, April 21, 2012

Origami Sato Rose Wedding Bouquets

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Such as the NIH Children's Inn and Michele Dufault Fund
So, I've been busy lately, but VOILA here are my Naomiki Sato Roses.
They are variations of the New Kawasaki Rose, and I believe these are the HARDEST yet most BEAUTIFUL things I've ever made.
Seriously, I just love these roses. I feel so smart for figuring these out.
Now I KNOW this is bad for my business, but here's the tutorial. Happy folding!


Here are some of my wedding bouquets that I've made.
I've also added the swirl rose-I have a tutorial for that too, just look at my earlier posts.

The traditional red rose wedding/gift bouquet. Represents love :)
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And now, for a more modern and chic bouquet:
Stars In the Sky
Made with blue roses and yellow swirl roses, sometimes, blue is just better on EVERYTHING.
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